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What does sexual harassment in the workplace look like?

| Oct 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

There may be nothing glamorous about your job, but it is a job and these days many people in Iowa count themselves lucky just to be bringing in a regular paycheck. While we may have the occasional day where we do not feel like going to work, these feelings spike if we are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Who can be the victim of sexual harassment?

It may surprise you to hear that it is not just women who can be sexually harassed. Men can also be sexually harassed in the workplace. In addition, women can sexually harass women and men can sexually harass men — sexual harassment is not limited to people of the opposite sex.

Also, sexual harassment does not only come at the hands of your boss. Your co-workers, a supervisor in another area or even non-employees can sexually harass you in the workplace. Even if you are not the directly being harassed, if you are affect by the sexual harassment of another person, this is also sexual harassment.

What can you do about sexual harassment in the workplace?

Many people who are sexually harassed in the workplace do not speak up. They may be afraid they will be treated worse at work or even be fired if they report the harassment.

However, sexual harassment in the workplace is against the law, and those who are being harassed in the workplace have a right to follow any internal procedures in their workplace to address the harassment or even to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Employment law attorneys in the Des Moines area may be a useful resource in such situations.