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Estate Planning: Protect Your Family And Pass On Your Wealth

Every adult should create a legally sound estate plan. This tool is critical for protecting your assets and passing your wealth to the next generation. When you have an estate plan in place, you can rest assured that you have protected your family in case life hits you with unexpected twists and turns.

We are Holman Kent LLC. At our Des Moines-based law firm, we partner with you to create an estate plan tailored to your unique needs. We regularly assist individuals and families with the drafting and review of wills.

Sometimes, estate disputes such as will contests are unavoidable. We have a proven record of success in dispute resolution. We resolve most cases out of court but, when necessary, will represent you at trial.

The Benefits Of Establishing A Will

All Iowa residents should have a will in place, regardless of their level of wealth or marital status. If you were to die without a will, your debts and assets would be distributed according to state law. This may or may not align with your desired outcome. Having a will allows for your wishes to be known and honored. Within your will, you can:

  • Determine who will inherit your property
  • Name an executor
  • Gift assets to a charity
  • Establish a guardian for minor children
  • Speed up the probate process
  • Reduce your overall estate taxes

When Should I Update My Estate Plan?

You should adjust your estate plan whenever you have a major change in your life circumstances. This could include a divorce, the death of a relative, the birth of a child, or the purchase or sale of real estate. We also recommend that you regularly evaluate your estate plan every three to five years for incorporating updates. Fortunately, updating your estate plan does not have to be complicated if you work with an experienced estate planning attorney at Holman Kent LLC.

Estate planning often intersects with real estate law and elder abuse law. If you have legal needs in these areas, Holman Kent LLC can assist you.

Talk With An Estate Planning Attorney Today

Our team is prepared to help you create an estate plan or administer an estate. Contact our caring law firm today to schedule your initial consultation. Simply call 515-302-6764 or send us an email. Located in Des Moines, we represent clients across Iowa and Missouri.