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Stand Up For The Rights Of Your Elderly Loved Ones

Nursing homes, adult day care centers and in-home care programs should protect our elderly loved ones. Tragically, many senior citizens experience neglect and abuse at the hands of the attendants they trust.

At Holman Kent LLC, we work with families throughout Iowa and Missouri who suspect that their loved ones have suffered neglect or abuse. We are passionate about advocating for senior citizens and will not hesitate to take your case to trial if necessary. While most cases are resolved outside of court, we prepare every case with the thorough detail and preparation necessary for trial.

Abuse Can Also Happen In Individualized Care Settings

Due to the significant expense, many people believe that in-home care programs provide a higher level of care than nursing homes. Unfortunately, elderly people often are more vulnerable to abuse when they receive one-on-one care. Without daily oversight of standard safety protocols, your loved one may silently suffer from neglect. In-home settings also put the elderly at risk of having valuable items stolen and other forms of financial manipulation.

Why Are So Many Elderly People Suffering Neglect And Abuse?

Many care facilities prioritize their own bottom line over the care of their residents. They may underpay their employees, stretch the staff far too thin and fail to provide proper oversight. These factors when combined create dangerous environments, where some of the country’s most vulnerable are left without proper care and without a voice. At Holman Kent LLC, our legal team strives to protect elderly people and to ensure that they are heard. There is no excuse for neglect or abuse. When we take on a client, we zealously advocate to ensure that the harms caused are illuminated and addressed.

Do Not Worry About Cost. We Work On Contingency Basis.

We understand that senior care is expensive. You probably wonder whether you can afford the cost of care in addition to legal fees. Fortunately, you do not have to worry. At Holman Kent LLC, we work on a contingency fee basis for all cases involving elder abuse and neglect. You will not pay us a dime unless we recover compensation for you.

Get Help To Stand Up For Your Elderly Loved Ones

No one should have to silently suffer from abuse. When you work with Holman Kent LLC, we will do everything in our power to be the strong legal advocate you need. To learn more, visit our nursing home abuse FAQ page. To schedule a free initial consultation at our Des Moines office, call 515-302-6764 or send us an email.