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Is An In-Home Caregiver Harming Your Elderly Parent?

If you have an elderly parent or relative in a nursing home, you have probably heard a horror story about the elder abuse and neglect that can occur in those facilities. However, elder abuse can take place outside of nursing homes as well. While many families believe that hiring an in-home caregiver is safer than putting their loved one in a nursing home, it actually can place them more at-risk for neglect and abuse.

If you suspect that someone you love has suffered abuse at the hands of their in-home caregiver, we can assist you. We are Holman Kent LLC, an elder abuse law firm serving Iowa and Missouri. With compassion and personal care, we will help you put an end to the abuse, seek compensation and hold the perpetrator accountable.

How Can You Protect Your Loved One?

Abuse and neglect are never the fault of the victim. With that said, you can proactively empower yourself and other family members to notice or prevent future abuse:

  • Make frequent visits and insist on speaking to your loved one without their caretaker present.
  • If in-person visits are not possible, call or write them frequently.
  • Ask the caregiver detailed questions about the care of your relative.
  • Make note of any bruises, lacerations, signs of malnutrition or personality changes.

You should also learn how to recognize signs of elder neglect. At your first suspicion of mistreatment, contact Holman Kent LLC immediately so that we can talk to you about the situation.

Why Would In-Home Caregivers Abuse Their Patients?

There are few regulations or oversight for in-home caregivers. An elderly person is completely at the mercy of the hired caregiver who comes into their home. The standard of care provided by in-home staff can vary widely. In some instances, the caregiver is fantastic. In other cases, quality of care is so low that it qualifies as neglect. Because caretakers are often overworked and under-trained, they may not have the capacity to provide the quality of care that their patients need.

We Do Not Charge Unless We Win

In-home care is expensive. Many people worry that they will not be able to afford an attorney on top of their loved one’s care. However, we do not charge any fees for our representation unless we recover compensation for you. To schedule a free initial consultation with us at our Des Moines office, call 515-302-6764 or send us an email.